5 Best Prototyping Tools for UI/UX Designers in 2020


Prototyping plays an indispensable part in UI/UX design. To evaluate whether a product or concept is effective and user-friendly, it is important to build a prototype – which eventually helps you save up on the design process and supports development. Before we talk about which prototyping tools are best suited for you and your business, let’s find out what exactly a prototyping tool is and how it adds value to a project.

A prototype is an early sample of any product that is created to test a concept or process. Simply put, prototyping tools allow designers to experience how their project will work once it gets completed. It helps to evaluate new products or concept designs to determine their usefulness in the real world. It is also a method of validating your design by guiding yourself through the product development phase with feedback collected from your target market.

Prototypes can be rapid or high fidelity which enables users to test and iterate their feasibility of products and estimate potential feedback from end-user. Designers use varied types of prototyping tools- both simple and advanced to craft their desired UI/UX. But pinning down the right one for the job is not an easy task.

We have put together a list of five of the most popular and affordable prototyping tools of 2020 for all your UI/UX design services needs.


If you’re looking for a tool that works for both advanced UX designers as well as those looking for simpler, user-friendly options for high and low fidelity concepts. A browser-based prototyping tool, Marvel supports direct uploading of various image types like JPG, GIF, AND PSD as well as third party uploading via Sketch, Google Drive and Dropbox. With a newly integrated POP, it also allows designers to transform ideas straight from the paper to the screen through iPhone and Android apps.


The best thing about this tool that is available both as an iOS app as well as a web app, is that it helps designers build both simple as well as complex interactive prototypes with little to no programming knowledge.  A simple drag and drop system that has a strong focus on high fidelity mobile app prototyping with customizable animations.

Adobe XD

An all-in-one app, Adobe XD makes wireframing, designing, prototyping and presenting experiences incredibly effortless. It eliminates tedious manual tasks and covers all your bases while creating experiences that are adaptable to any size screen. This versatile app also integrates with other Abode platforms.


A feature-rich desktop app that helps you build wireframes and attractive simulations for web and mobile apps without any coding. It is fairly easy to use and lets you design from scratch with a full range of web interactions and mobile gestures that leads to exceptional user experiences.


One of the largest and most popular prototyping tools in the current market, InVision is the go-to tool for serious designers. You can easily create interactive prototypes using an all-in-one design suite. Features like dynamic prototyping, whiteboard collaboration, smooth management of project feedback, version control, and design handoff, makes InVision one of the most successful design collaboration tool in the world.

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