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Development & Innovations

BAaaS or Business Analysis as a Service is an all-encompassing process where we support your business goals by means of technology.

Process, Service & Storage

We help you take your business to the next level with public Cloud subscriptions, server hosting and data backup and disaster recovery strategy.

Business, CRM & Technology

We drive your business from within by streamlining all operations and by adopting technologies that maximize enterprise capabilities and offer durable solutions.

Application & Technology

We will help you transition from the traditional model to an agile, cost-effective digital-first business by harnessing the power of digital technology.

Software & Infrastructure

Our end-game is to empower your business through strategic deployment of latest IT technologies that offer end-to-end, high-performing, tailored solutions.

SEO, SMM, Content & Email

Dive traffic to your business by optimising your online marketing strategy based on latest trends and analytics at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing!

Business Analysis As A Service (BAaaS)

We use a combination of tailored business analytics tasks and techniques to help your organisation overcome challenges and thrive as a successful business. Our ultimate aim is to reduce your operational costs, increase your benefits and consequently help you increase your ROI and achieve your business goals. We achieve this by streamlining 3 important aspects of your business: business clarity, marketplace knowledge and growth pain points.

Clarify Business Direction

Understand all facets of the business and define an effective business plan.

Understand Marketplace

Gather and analyse customer & competition data and channel efforts in relevant areas.

Resolve Pain Points

Identify the business pain points and implement result-driven technology solutions.

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Grow Your Business With Enterprise Solutions

The efficiency of your enterprise functions defines the success of your business processes. We help you realize the strategic vision that you have for your organisation by understanding your business, analysing the process and finally implementing technology integrations that work best for your industry and line of services/products.


Transform Business


Comprehensive utilisation of company resources to outperform competition.


Technical Infrastructure


Modernise operations to drive innovations and manage data integration effectively.


Software For Biz


Improve efficiency, add value to services and boost sales with the right software.


Resource Management


Extract maximum benefits from your human, inventory, financial & IT resources.


Customer Relationship


Scale your business faster and smarter with customer management tools and insights.

Managed IT

24/7 IT Support

Managed IT

Eliminate technology-based disruptions and capital costs by outsourcing your IT needs.

Take over the reins of your business.
Build A Smart Company With Smart IT Support & Management

Get tailored IT solutions for your company’s unique needs. With the support of our scalable, cost-effective IT solutions, you are free to focus on the core needs of your company.

Optimise Processes And Project Outputs On The Foundation Of High-quality Data.

A high-level, sustainable unified data management system liberates your business in several beneficial ways. It provides the business leaders with real-time information to strategise new approach, react promptly to market changes and make well-informed business decisions.

Gain Competitive Advantage With Innovative Mobile And Web Software.

Upgrade your internal and external management systems through tailored, innovative software solutions. Upgrading digital infrastructure not only improves efficiency and increases agility but also reduces production time, cuts down operational cost and provides scalability.

Ensure High Performance And Usability Of Enterprise Software With Holistic Testing.

Seamlessly move to automation through fully tested, assessed and approved softwares. We ensure the effectiveness of our testing process by customising the testing cycle according to your specific business requirements and by employing only industry-best practices.

Eliminate IT-Based Capital Costs And Disruptions By Outsourcing Your Needs.

Relieve all the IT-Induced pain points in your operations by subscribing to our tailored, enterprise-level managed IT solutions. We provide the comprehensive coverage, including vendor management, security solutions, remote monitoring and 24/7 help desk.

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Unlock Digital Business Innovations With Cloud Technology

Take advantage of Cloud technology to run your business more effectively, explore new opportunities, offer better customer service and gain an increase in overall profit margins. In addition to being a more cost-effective and sustainable option compared to the traditional way of doing business, the Cloud technology offers better mobility, production scalability, improved quality control and high-level security. Further, by employing Cloud computing for business you get the complete analytics of your data which gives you the insight needs to plan and strategize for the future. And we are yet to see a disaster recovery model that’s as fast or reliable as the Cloud-based disaster recovery solutions.

Carmatec Global is a leading Cloud solutions provider worldwide and offers the total solution. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in IaaS, PaaS, SaaS Cloud models, Cloud storage and testing-as-a-solution. And offer gold-class support and services for public, private, hybrid and community Clouds. Here’s a concept-wise breakdown of the services we offer:

Manage your applications in our Cloud infrastructure that runs in high-level data centres spread across the globe.

  • Data centre services
  • Cloud Hosting solutions
  • IaaS

Utilize Cloud technology to integrate process components, increase agility and improve overall IT management.

  • Cloud for management
  • Cloud for operations
  • DevOps

Simplify processes and Increase their efficiency by harnessing the power of Software as a Service model.

  • Process Transformation
  • SaaS
  • Managed Services

Seamlessly migrate your application to Cloud and enable the benefits of Cloud-based operations & testing services.

  • Hosting & Monitoring
  • Cloud Partner
  • PaaS
Switch today to pay-per-use Cloud business solutions that positively influence ROI.
Embrace Digital Transformation To Keep Up With The Market Trends

Transforming the business digitally–or keeping up with the latest technology–has been a ‘trend’ since the 90s. However, in the 90s, transformation was an option. In 2018, it’s a do-or-die situation. No matter which industry you look at, digitisation is the inevitable future–or even the present. By transforming, you ensure that you stay relevant in the ever-changing marketplace and give your business the edge it needs to remain relevant.

The fundamental goal of digital transformation is to simplify, evolve and modernise organisational processes, operations, competencies and consequently the business model by strategically leveraging the power of integrated digital technology in order to positively impact business growth, profit and opportunities. In markets with a high degree of competition, digitisation is a critical and urgent need.

Have a look at the services and technology expertise we offer to empower you in the digital era.

Custom Application Development For Specific Business Requirements
Mobile Apps

Native & cross-platform mobile apps that drive business productivity.

Web Apps

Highly scalable and performance-driven web apps for your business.

Cloud Apps

Cloud-enabled apps that offer high scalability and easy collaboration.


Engineer product enhancement by monitoring ops & development.

Smart Website Solutions That Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers
Responsive Web Designs

Intelligent web apps that render well on all devices and screen sizes

App Maintenance

Web support for high operational efficiency and low ownership cost.

Corporate Branding

Out-of-the-box tech strategies that build brand visibility and identity.

SEO & Digital Marketing

Optimise search engine ranking and peak online marketing strategy.

Experts In Digital Transformation Technologies

UI & UX Designs


Cloud Technology

IoT Applications

RoR Applications


PHP Development

Empower your business in the competitive market. Go digital.
Expand Your Brand Reach With Internet Marketing

Take advantage of the digital marketing tools to direct traffic to your online business profile and expand your market reach. We utilise the high-level customer engagement and strategic branding tools to propel your business to new heights.

Given below is a broad overview of our internet advertising and marketing services.

Market & Customer-Driven Digital Advertising & Marketing Solutions

Search Engine Optimisation And Paid Search Marketing.

Utilise analytical data, latest SEO marketing trends, latest recommended SEO protocols (keyword and tagging), user-oriented content and paid SEO marketing to optimise your website’s search engine visibility & ranking.

Social Media Marketing And Networking Plans.

Build marketing buzz with an edgy social media image effectively increase your search engine ranking and listing and continuously engage with your customers to positively influence the conversions and referrals.

Email Marketing And Campaign Strategies.

Strategic email marketing that engages your target customers through impactful campaign plans, inciting emails and actionable subject lines and consequently increases the click-through rate and ensure low spam reporting

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Build Smarter Products & Services With Emerging Technologies

Simplify and fast track cryptocurrency transactions, supply chain management and royalties income.

Blockchain Technology
Beyond Cryptocurrencies

Generate valuable market insight, enhance customer engagement and accelerate business growth with AI.

Artificial Intelligence
Customer-Centric Products

Engage your target audience effectively with interactive and personalised tools tailored to meet your industry needs.

Virtual & Augmented Reality
Personalise Customer Experience

Optimise business operations by connecting devices and equipment and automating their functions, maintenance and diagnosis.

Internet Of Things
Sophisticated Automation

Develop next-generation applications that have an intelligent understanding of user requirements.

Hybrid Wireless
Connected software & Interfaces

Create a sense of ubiquity in customer service through simple, intelligent bots and digital assistants.

Intelligent Agents
Chatbots & Digital Assistants
Talk To Experienced, Well-informed Consultants.



Fact, research & analysis-backed innovative ideas for your business.


Global, Yet Local

We are a global business with a good understanding of the local markets.

Leverage digital & IT technology to grow your business.
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