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Business Requirement

A popular site among the Top 1000 sites in the country experiencing continuous growth, the client business was into offering assistance to students for Tech interviews’ preparation. As a technology-partner, Carmatec had been helping their team to achieve the business goals of increasing the revenue by empowering its website with various features. Starting as a free website, where all the users would get to see all the study/preparation material, now, with the growing popularity the client decided to add paid user functionality to provide the users with differential preparation material according to their subscription level. Therefore, the current requirement entailed enhancements to the existing website including paid user functionality and a few other features which facilitated the smooth functioning and effectiveness of the Digital Presence of the client’s business.

  • Carmatec proposed a WordPress based solution to enhance the client website. Using this free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL, the application was developed to be based on an elegant Woo-commerce theme to perfectly suit each of their needs using all the supporting plugins configured and installed. The newly added paid-user functionality ensured the content was differentially visible to the free users and paid users, just as required to support their planned revenue model.
  • To resolve the loading speed issue their existing website faced, their website which was then hosted on Godaddy and was running very slow, was imparted appropriate hosting support for effectively catering to the increase in traffic they envisioned in near future.
  • They were provided with an incremental and user-friendly solution wherein it was easy for them to manage and upload the preparatory material and content specific to each new and existing company separately as and when the new information would become available to them.
Technology used

Custom PHP Solution using Angular JS supported by AWS based infrastructure.

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