5 Simple Web Design Tip to drive traffic to your website

There is practically no business these days that can do without an online presence. Any business that has a certain online audience, needs to be present online to gain access to and convey its marketing message to this audience. The key business goals of creating a website, thus, revolve around marketing and selling of products and services. To ensure the success of your website, it is really important for you to maximise the number of its visitors and engage them to spend more time on your website, as achieving a highly engaged audience is the first step to building a loyal customer-base. Before you already decide to undertake SEO for your current website, here are a few simple tips and tricks to visibly increase the number of visits on your website to help you increase the number of leads and business revenue.

1)  Responsive Design

There is a vast majority of consumers who keep switching between their laptop and mobile devices based on their convenience while surfing the internet and if there are any discrepancies between their experience on your website while using these different devices, it can hamper your brand image by creating trust issues and prevent them from going ahead to purchase your products. A responsive website can go a long way in building that trust and helping them avail a seamless experience across all devices. With the ‘mobile-first’ audience quickly turning into a ‘mobile-only’ audience, making your site responsive could be your best bet to immediately tap into this market.

2) Compelling Website Landing Pages

When compared between a disorganised store where the products are kept in a dishevelled manner, and a store where the products are neatly organised with an aesthetic presentation, all the customers will be naturally attracted to the aesthetically appealing and organised store. The same goes with your business website. The website landing pages, thus, need to be well-planned and aesthetically developed to present the visitors with an enticing storefront in the online market-place. Your website home page is the face of your organisation in the online world. It should be high-performing, interactive and compelling for engaging the audience to make them stay on your website and visit your website again for the interest it generates.

3) Smartly-planned Website Navigation

A smartly planned website navigation does not only incorporate the latest web design trends, but it also serves to maintain consistency with the older layout so as to stay intuitive for the loyal and regular visitors of the websites. In this way, while you can adopt the latest market trends and stay current and relevant for the new generation audience, you can also keep the bounce rates of your website as low as possible. With astutely planned navigation, one can accomplish increase and maintenance of traffic to the business website. Intuitive website navigation lets the website visitors to move from one page to another relevant page with ease, without them having to spend much time in thinking how to find what they are looking for.

4) Prudent Audit of the Web content

As ‘content is king’, it can not just be uploaded on your website to stay there inactive. The modern-day content needs to engage the visitors by interacting with them on an altogether new level. Web design has the power to achieve this in an effective manner. This is the reason why your focus should be to optimise your web design to use your content the most effectively.

5) Blog Integration

Nicely-written blog content goes a long way in increasing the visibility and reach of your website to a wider audience. Such articles that impart useful insight into the subject-matter, are particularly interesting and informative for the consumers and are likely to engage your audience at a greater level. With interesting and well-written blog content, you can increase your regular subscriber-base, by adding social media buttons to the blog, you can increase its shareability on multiple social media platforms and since these serve to effectively increase the content on your website, the blog articles serve to organically improve the search ranking of your website. Moreover, by creating backlinks to your website pages from the blog posts, the results can be further improved.


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