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Carmatec  as a top web design company in Dubai  brings to your business a well-rounded web design solution which is holistic and covers all aspects of website design which becomes a part of your web presence which in turn becomes a part of your digital business strategy.

Web design as a function has evolved and the changes are happening at a fast pace. What was relevant in 2017 is changing today. Be it on the design front, be it on the technical front that powers the visible design with the latest technologies available.

Carmatec follows a multi-pronged model that takes the following aspects into consideration.

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What You Get from Our Web Design Service:
  • A consistent look - Corporate brand guidelines
  • Contemporary look - Latest UI/UX trends from flat design, shadow effects, animations to name a top few.
  • Efficient code exec and User Experience - Clean HTML code and javascript framework usage best practices.
  • Focused Business Objectives - Customer journey and information architecture
  • Enhanced Findability - SEO focused "perfect 10" hosting set up
  • Stable website for years - Top researched web components for expanded functionality
  • 100% Secure - Security add-ons for confident user transactions.
  • Always available - 24x7 website surveillance and software patching.
  • Metrics driven - See which pages drives traffic, what time your visitors are coming, which countries they are coming from and more!

5 unique pages

4 Banners

Content Architecture

Performance Optimization

Social Share

Image Edits 25

1 logo design

Responsive design

Retina design

Contact Form


7 unique pages

7 Banners

Performance optimization

40 image edits

1 logo design

Responsive design

Retina design

Contact Form


10 unique pages

10 Banners

Website Optimization

Social Share

Contact Form every page

1 logo design

Responsive design

Retina design

Contact Form

A Snapshot of our Web Design Work


How to plan for your next website in 2021?

Use our effective website planning guide to help you avoid the common mistakes made when planning a web design project. It will help you answer the following questions and save a lot of money in the long run.
  • Define the goals of creating the website and establish success metrics
  • How many visitors can I get for my website in Year 1
  • Why do people visit my website? What will I convey to them?
  • What kind of content my website visitors will need? How much content do I need?
  • Do I need SEO at this point or can it be done later?
  • How many pages to have on website? Is there a minimum?
  • How important is hosting?

How much will your website project cost you?

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